Home Of The Hydro Ninja

August 9th, 2018


What Is The Hydro Ninja?

A Hydro Powered Auto Adjusting plumbing device that is installed into your water system that fights against the sporadic water flow delivered to you by your water company. Let’s face it, the utility companies job is to delivery you water. From the water meter on it is The Hydro Ninja's job to protect your facility from that sporadic flow and distribute a more stable flow throughout your facility.

How Does It Work?

Great Question! The Hydro Ninja is Hydro Powered this means it uses the energy provided by the flow of water to operate. Once installed the Hydro Ninja goes to work fighting against the abnormalities of the water flow profile being delivered to you. The Hydro Ninja uses its Patent Pending design and features to fight against Incoming Pressure Spikes, Turbulent Flow, Air Pockets, Inaccurate Water Meter Readings, Over Delivered Pressure and Flow. One of the most amazing features of The Hydro Ninja is it’s auto adjust feature. Since these water flow abnormalities are constantly changing throughout the day and even seasonal throughout the year The Hydro Ninja will adjust to them automatically. No Tools Required!!

Does It Work Everywhere?

Yes, City Water is delivered the same everywhere from Breweries to Apartment Buildings to Car Washes. It is how you use water that differentiates water use. As long as you have a minimal water pressure of 40psi Hydro Ninja will do its job.

How Much Will I Save?

Now that’s right to the point! Due to the fact that every water user has a different water flow profile we can say 5-10% should be your MINIMUM savings expectation. It is not unreasonable to expect more savings if you are a high volume water user. With today's rising water and sewer cost The Hydro Ninja will help you fight against future rate increases as well.