Meet The Hydro Ninja

What Is The Hydro Ninja?

A plumbing device that saves you money and hardship. Hydro Ninja is a water valve that combines a portion of benefits that many other common plumbing devices have such as

  • Inline Check Valve – a valve that closes to prevent backward flow of liquid.
  • PRV/Pressure Reducing Valve – effectively multi-functional by lowering outlet pressure and flow rate, they reduce excessive water consumption and plumbing noise.
  • Flow Restrictor – A valve that restricts the flow of fluids in either direction.


What separates the Hydro Ninja from other Flow Management devices is it’s one of a kind Patented Design that features a High / Low Volume transition during water fluctuation. The water utility companies job is to delivery you water. From the water meter on it is the Hydro Ninja’s job to protect your facility from that sporadic flow and distribute a more stable flow throughout your facility.

Why Do I Need Hydro Ninja?

The Hydro Ninja was designed to combat multiple plumbing issues.

  • Reduce Water, Sewer, and Facility Maintenance Cost
  • Over Sized Water Delivery System – Delivering water at a high rate of Gallons Per Minute (GPM) or Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Every time a spigot, water faucet, irrigation head, is forced to use more water or higher pressure then it was designed to handle it will result in higher water consumption, equipment failure, and possible breaks or leaks created by the over delivery.
  • Turbulence – Turbulence can be a destructive force on your water meter as well as any equipment that requires water to function. Water boosters are a prime example. The more Laminar Flow you have running through your water meter the more accurate your water meter will read
  • Entrained or Entrapped Air – Undissolved air bubbles and air pockets that are carried away within the water. The resulting air–water mixture consists of air packets within water surrounded by air. Normally, there is only a small percentage of Entrapped Air in your waterlines. There are certain events that can occur that increases the percentage of air. As in, seasonal changes of water temperature, increased volume from the water utility pumps, construction or damaged waterlines these are the most common reasons.
  • Water Hammer – a phenomenon that can occur in any piping system where valves are used to control the flow of liquids or steam. Water hammer is the result of a pressure surge, or high-pressure shockwave that propagates through a piping system when a fluid in motion is forced to change direction or stop abruptly.

Many water system issues occur unexpectedly and mostly likely when your unprepared for them.  The Hydro Ninja works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and even while you are sleeping. Our Patented Design will Self-Adjust itself when these problems occur and reduce or eliminate these issues.

Does It Work Everywhere?

Yes, City Water is delivered the same everywhere from Breweries to Apartment Buildings to Car Washes. It is how you use water that differentiates water use. As long as your water pressure is functioning at a normal operational level the Hydro Ninja will do its job. We stock 2inch to 8inch valves and have the manufacturing capability to provide larger sizes when needed.

How Much Will I Save?

Simple put the more water you use the more money you will save. If your water flows at the same rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days you will see a great amount of savings. This is very rare to see flow that constant. Normally water flow fluctuates throughout the day in periods which are referred to as Peak and Non-Peak hours. This is where our Patented Design stands out over similar devices. While the Hydro Ninja Self-Adjusts itself during your High / Low Volume transition periods your combined  savings expectations should result in a MINIMUM of 5-15% savings. It is not unreasonable to see more savings during Peak or High Usage Periods.