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Weldless Flange – MEGAFLANGE Series 2100

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Weldless Pipe Connection

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Weldless Flange – The Uni-Flange®

2019 SCWA Convention & EXPO

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2019 – ARLINGTON, TEXAS SCWA is excited to announce that…

Turbulent pipe flow downstream the dye injection.

Turbulent flow inside the pipe downstream the dye injection Three Dimensional Laser-Induced…

Hydraulic model: Air pockets in pipelines

If a pipeline has pronounced high points, undissolved gases can become trapped…

Video Demonstration of Common Water-Air Flow Regimes

By Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

Computer simulation of air-water counter-current churn flow regime in vertical pipe

The animation shows the time evolution of the distribution of volume fraction…